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  • $82,000 ARBITRATION AWARD for a motorist struck at the intersection suffering lower back injuries necessitating epidural treatments.
  • $90,000 SETTLEMENT for a woman who tripped and fell on a loose brick resulting in a total hip replacement.
  • $870,000 VERDICT awarded to a woman who was bitten in the lip by a dog.
  • $650,000 SETTLEMENT for a pedestrian who sustained a broken leg after being hit by a truck.
  • $277,000 JUDGMENT against a rehabilitation facility for failing to properly render physical therapy to a patient who had undergone knee surgery.
  • $70,000 SETTLEMENT paid to a disabled woman on Social Security who sustained a fractured wrist when her vehicle was hit by a United States Postal Service truck.
  • $150,000 SETTLEMENT against a pharmacy for incorrectly dispensing a dual-purpose drug.
  • $80,000 SETTLEMENT awarded to an airline passenger who was struck by a beverage cart, resulting in injuries.
  • $150,000 SETTLEMENT for a construction worker who fell from scaffolding due to high winds on the job site.
  • $675,000 SETTLEMENT for a man who sustained head injuries caused by a defective training baseball bat.
  • $125,000 COMBINED SETTLEMENT for neighbors who suffered from emotional distress after a gas explosion destroyed a home.
  • $100,000 SETTLEMENT against a taxicab driver who pulled away before a disembarking passenger had fully exited the vehicle.
  • $120,000 SETTLEMENT for a workers' compensation claim related to a carpal tunnel injury.
  • $310,000 SETTLEMENT for a woman who tripped and fell, causing her to sustain an ankle sprain with chronic synovitis.