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Within 20 minutes of my first meeting with David Rodibaugh, I knew he could help me. I came to him with two motor vehicle collision matters. Both collisions happened within 10 days apart. Although I was at no fault for both, they were still very involved. I relied upon Attorney Rodibaugh's advice to navigate through these two matters over an 18-month period. He has tremendous experience working with insurance claims examiners and insurance attorneys, and he provided me with insight to help me testify in 2 separate depositions. In the filing of court documents, PIP accident claims and related legal paperwork as well as overall case management and strategy, he did a great job. Both insurance matters had positive outcome in terms of settlements.

His paralegal Samantha was terrific to work with. She is efficient, helpful and very well organized. She took on tremendous responsibility to make sure the process worked smoothly, and believe me having two motor vehicle claims only days apart was ripe for confusion in dealing with multiple provider billings, hospital billings and medical insurance companies.

In the event I should ever need the assistance of Attorney Rodibaugh and the services of his office, I would not hesitate to ask again for their help.

-J.M., car accident

I had such a pleasant experience with the team at Ananian & Rodibaugh that I would recommend them highly to anyone. My phone calls were answered quickly and messages returned promptly. I was kept in the loop during my whole case and appreciated that. Sheldon and Samantha made my case very easy and non-stressful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-S.H., car accident/workers compensation

Attorney Rodibaugh was very polite, professional and prompt. I am happy he was able to settle my car accident case. He is highly recommended.

-S.Y., car accident

My husband and I hired Ananian & Rodibaugh to represent us following a motor vehicle collision where I was seriously injured and my husband was paralyzed. Attorney Rodibaugh never failed to be there when we needed him. He managed every detail of our case making this difficult time in our lives somewhat more bearable. I have recommended Ananian & Rodibaugh to my friends and family and will continue to do so.

-T.Q., car accident

For the past five months I have been in the process of applying for SSDI. David Rodibaugh has been so helpful to me. The process can be very confusing and overwhelming. Every step of the way David has been there to answer and help me with the process. David really cares and that comes through with the way I was treated. He really took the time to explain everything to me. The staff there is very professional as well. Samantha is always so cheerful whenever I come in or call. David is a wonderful lawyer and I will highly recommend him to my family and my friends.

-L.L., Social Security Disability

The staff of Ananian and Rodibaugh, P.C. are consummate professionals and are very personable as well. They are always polite and kind. While handling my case, they helped with all aspects and made the details and process much clearer to understand. I worked with Attorney David C. Rodibaugh, he was a superb council and worked above and beyond on my behalf. I am very grateful to him for making the experience as easy as possible. I do recommend their services. Thank you.

-M.S., Social Security Disability

FIVE STAR HELPERS! - I was in a car accident in the fall of 2016. I had previous neck and back injuries that were stable and all hell broke loose after I was hit while at a complete stop in Lexington, MA. I had unrelenting sciatica, acute muscle spams in my neck and back and a concussion. For two years, I went to doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapy, physical therapists and endured medical procedures that did not help. Finally, I went to a pain center and they put me back together again. It was depressing to live with pain, the limitations from my injuries and feeling that I would not recover.

It was a pleasure to work with Sheldon and Samantha. Several times, I called Sheldon upset after the results of tests and failed treatments and he was reassuring. Sheldon is warm and also very funny. He was easy to reach by phone and returned emails promptly. He knows his stuff! Samantha is warm, very responsive, knowledgeable and fun to talk with.

We got a fine settlement for my misery. I am 77 years old and the money went into my savings. Money buys peace of mind and knowing it is there gives me security should I have to retire some day.

I recommend these folks completely! Thank you, Sheldon and Samantha!

-N.A., car accident

My experience with your firm was very positive right from the beginning. Samantha and David were exceptional in explaining my case, what my options were, and what my best interest was. They were competent, supportive and respectful. The entire experience was favorable, and in the future if I needed legal counsel I would definitely work with your firm again.

-S.R., car accident

I wanted to thank you for your kindness, professionalism and help during this past year. I was completely satisfied with your representation and I am very happy to recommend Ananian & Rodibaugh to anyone I know that needs legal help.

-K.M., slip and fall

My experience with Ananian & Rodibaugh was very positive. Their firm was very helpful, and their prompt services made me comfortable. I would highly recommend their services to my family and friends because of my overall experience and satisfaction with their firm.

-B.S., car accident

I had a positive experience with Ananian & Rodibaugh. I found them to be personable, knowledgeable and accessible. This quote sums it up: "Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance." (Samuel L. Jackson). This is a firm that I would recommend to my family and friends.

-G.F., Social Security Disability

I was referred by a friend who has a lifelong bond with Ananian & Rodibaugh long after their case was successfully settled. Ananian & Rodibaugh provides a friendly family atmosphere, keeps the client updated as the case travels through negotiations, and teaches the process of the lawsuit journey. Over the course of your case, you will most likely feel like family. Today, I have a long-lasting bond with their office.

-J.S., car accident

Our experience was wonderful. Sheldon was very helpful, knowledgeable, fast, and kept us out of any worries. Our case was solved smoothly and diligently, in a very reasonable period of time. We would absolutely recommend this legal firm to a family member or friend. This firm is the best!

-H.K., car accident

From beginning to end my experience with Samantha and Dave was first-rate and nothing but positive. Dave initially walked me through every step of the process with patience and sensitivity and answered all of the questions I had – no matter how basic they were. Dave really listened to me and to what was most important to me and provided thoughtful guidance and counsel that allowed me to make informed decisions. I can’t say enough about Samantha and Dave in terms of their efficiency, caring and all-around professionalism. This whole experience was much easier on me due to their great work. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

-K.K, car accident

It was such an immense pleasure working with the Law Offices of Ananian & Rodibaugh these past few months. David was on top of my case throughout the process and updated me regularly with the progress being made. At every step of the way, my options were clearly explained. David was always available to take my calls and I always felt that my case was as important to him as it was to me. David is the consummate professional, yet provided that personal touch that is so important when dealing with a personal injury case. My wife and I are beyond happy with the outcome of my case. We would unequivocally recommend this law firm.

-J.P., worker’s compensation

My overall experience was outstanding. They were diligent and showed true professionalism throughout the process. I didn’t have to do much, and the service did not affect my job or work. I’m glad I chose to do business with them and I will recommend them to friends and family.

-S.O., car accident

As a busy college student, getting hit by a car as a pedestrian and dealing with the lackadaisical insurance company of the driver provided a bad start to the semester. I greatly appreciated the thoroughness from David when I had questions regarding the driver's insurance as well as the medical bills I would incur from multiple hospital visits. I easily recommend Ananian & Rodibaugh if someone needs transparency and clarity in legal services while also continuing their busy lives.

-O.H., car accident

We were very happy dealing with your law firm. We appreciate your patience in dealing with senior persons, your honesty, and how you took the time to explain the rules of law. We would certainly recommend you to our friends and family.

-O.I., slip and fall

Our firm has established a reputation for our outstanding service, commitment to clients and record results. We are proud to maintain long-standing professional and personal relationships with our clients and peers in the community. We are pleased to share some of their words of praise.

I would recommend this law firm to my friends and family members because one is made to feel personally cared for, and not just a client with a case. In addition, all the paperwork is done very promptly and professionally. Dealing with the Ananian & Rodibaugh law firm was a pleasant experience at an unpleasant time in my life.

-N.B., car accident

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Attorney Rodibaugh after my accident. He was always available via phone or email and very timely with his response. He was always polite and never made me feel like I couldn't reach out even with the simplest of questions. I would most certainly recommend his legal services to a friend or family member, and I wouldn't hesitate to contact him in the future if needed.

-J.J., personal injury

Ananian & Rodibaugh comes highly recommended. They were extremely friendly, they explained things clearly, and they were mindful of my time. They also kept me well informed throughout the entire process.

-L.I., property damage

You can talk to the attorneys at Ananian & Rodibaugh on a personal level and know they will give you their best advice. They are quick to return a phone call, often times when most working people are home with their families. Their office staff is also very accommodating and friendly and make you feel quite comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing an attorney, especially an attorney who can give you that "hometown" kind of service.

-B.H., personal injury

Attorney Rodibaugh provided excellent counsel to me. He thoroughly explained the process I would go through upon filing suit and told me what to expect were we to be successful in court. He encouraged me to think deeply about my options without regard to his financial benefit. In the end, his advice guided me to a decision that was in my best interest. He saved me both time and money and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking honest and diligent legal representation.

-G.W., personal injury

When I was involved in a car accident, I was referred by a friend to Ananian & Rodibaugh to handle my case. That turned out to be my best decision. They successfully resolved my claim, always looking out for my best interests. They answered all my questions anytime I called. I have no hesitation in recommending this law firm.

-A.E., personal injury

I run a small non-profit organization and recently needed significant legal advice on a technical appeal process. Sheldon spent a good deal of time walking me through the process, the pros and cons of my approach, and provided excellent guidance and follow-up. I would highly recommend Ananian & Rodibaugh for anyone needing legal assistance.

-E.H., personal

I was referred to Ananian & Rodibaugh by a friend in 2009. After my first meeting with them, I saw why my friend was so enthusiastic. I felt very comfortable with Sheldon. In fact, so comfortable that I will never call another lawyer again. I felt like I had not only a lawyer but a friend, someone I could trust 110%. Their services have been completely satisfactory. I highly recommend them.

-P.O., personal injury

My wife and I have worked with Sheldon Ananian for years now in many capacities. Sheldon has supported our efforts to navigate governmental agencies, tax matters, and critical personal matters such as a will and guardianship. We trust Sheldon implicitly with all our most critical legal matters.

-H.J., personal

Attorney Rodibaugh handled a personal injury case for my sister, who requires sign language interpreting services due to her deafness. Mr. Rodibaugh was extremely accommodating and sensitive to my sister's needs and provided clear and precise communication at all stages of the case. He would travel to meet my sister and I in person to discuss the progression of the case and always kept my sister informed. At all times, the specifics of the case and interpersonal interactions were conducted in a sensitive, professional and confidential manner. I would strongly recommend Ananian & Rodibaugh, P.C. to others given their strong and excellent advocacy skills on behalf of their clients, their professional knowledge of the legal issues and their ability to handle such a complex case. Mr. Rodibaugh was always willing to go the extra mile on behalf of my sister and for this alone he is to be commended!!!

- P.C., personal injury

I always do a lot of research before choosing someone to advise me, whether law or financial or business. My ideal is to find someone like Sheldon Ananian who has big firm experience yet chooses to work with a small team. When I was getting conflicting advice about divorce issues, he was able to quickly cut through all that and identify the real options, including some new ones. With Sheldon, your case becomes his. You can't ask for more than that.

- N.C., family law

Ananian & Rodibaugh is the right law firm for you if you're looking for lawyers who use simple terms to explain the very confusing legal system. Following my car accident, these lawyers took excellent care of me throughout the very stressful lawsuit process. Before meeting Attorney Ananian, I also got opinions from other lawyers (including very expensive ones in Boston) about my accident and they all gave me conflicting advice that confused me. Sheldon helped me cut through all of the nonsense from other lawyers and tell me in plain language how and what needed to be done. He took care of the entire process of dealing with the insurance companies and doctors and got me far more money for my injuries and medical bills than I ever expected! I trust the advice and expertise of Ananian & Rodibaugh 100% and would encourage anyone to get their legal advice and services from them.

- J.C., car accident

Ananian & Rodibaugh has helped me, my family, and my company since 1993. For 22 years, they have always been available to me. Whenever we call, Sheldon really listens and treats any matters we have with the utmost respect and urgency. As a result, all of our matters are expedited and handled with the utmost care. No one can get that kind of service from any other law firm. My business could not function without the services of Ananian & Rodibaugh, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a great lawyer.

-C.M., personal & business

These guys have integrity and will work hard for you because they care. They were reassuring and straightforward and I felt like they had a personal interest in the well-being of my family. We are thankful that we had them in our corner.

J.M., social security disability

Attorney Rodibaugh represented me on two different occasions and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcomes. He was professional, dependable, and trustworthy from the beginning through the end, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend this firm to anyone in need of a lawyer.

-W.O., personal

Attorney Rodibaugh provided me with incredible legal representation for a harassment order that I have been trying to obtain for several years. David gave me a voice that had not been heard in past court appearances. Through every aspect of the legal process, David explained and assisted me with great detail and patience. The thought of once again going in front of a judge to seek relief was overwhelming. David immediately put me at ease and educated me on the process, resulting in the acceptance of a harassment order in my favor. Attorney Rodibaugh and the firm of Ananian & Rodibaugh are caring and people oriented. I would highly recommend David and his firm to anyone who finds they are facing the intimidation of the legal process. Thank you David, for your knowledge, professionalism, compassion, and the successful outcome of my case.

B.H., harassment order

When I was a backseat passenger in an Uber, we got rear-ended in a car accident. My lower back and shoulder were in a lot of pain and I contacted Attorney Ananian. He suggested that I be seen in an Urgent Care Center to rule out any serious injuries. I then was treated by a chiropractor for a few months. Attorney Ananian arranged for all of my chiropractor bills to be sent to him and I did not have to pay any money out of pocket. Throughout the process, Attorney Ananian emailed and phoned me so that I knew every step of the way and what to expect from the lawsuit. He was very knowledgeable, capable, personable and patient. I would definitely recommend that my friends and family use his legal services if they need a lawyer!

R.P., car accident