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The Help You Need After A Trucking Accident

Truck accidents have several characteristics that set them apart from other types of motor vehicle accidents:

  • The injuries are often catastrophic or fatal.
  • The investigations can be very complex.
  • The insurance companies use their full resources to fight these cases.

Catastrophic Injuries

When people suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI), paralysis or some other very serious type of injury, they may be facing years of medical care and rehabilitation. For those who may never fully recover, they may never work again and may require modifications to their homes and other costly types of help.

Trucking Accidents Often Require Complex Investigations

While the cause of a truck accident may seem straightforward, there can actually be many causes. Identifying the actual cause of the accident requires investigating a whole host of potential causes, including:

  • Driver error — Was the driver speeding?
  • Driver fatigue — How long had the driver been behind the wheel?
  • Drug or alcohol abuse — Was the driver intoxicated?
  • Maintenance failure — Was the vehicle properly maintained?
  • Mechanical failure — Were any parts on the truck potentially defective?

Insurance Company Resistance

Often insurance companies dispatch teams of investigators immediately upon learning about a tractor-trailer crash. They understand how costly these cases can be and they do everything in their power to keep from paying appropriate compensation for someone's injuries. The insurance companies have well-staffed legal departments and the financial resources to keep fighting a claim for a very long time.